Big Wooden Spoon

Big Wooden Spoon

Postby MistressJade » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:00 pm

It's a quiet morning, and you think that everyone else is fast asleep. Good! You think as you work your way around the house. You check every single room.. Your parents are fast asleep, your siblings and even your beautiful Creole mammy. They will never know a long as they stay asleep, you think to yourself. You slink your way to the kitchen and there in it's holy glorious deliciousness! The infamous bread basket! You know the best treats are in there! Delicious morning muffins, chocolate chunk cookies, so much deliciousness! You just can't seem to help it. You run over and fling that box door open. There. There they all are, ready for you to devour. You quickly look behind you. No one is there. You reach your hand up, thinking your home free. But then! You hear a voice booming from the door way. "What do you think your doing?" Your heart drops and your stomach goes into your throat. OH NO! It's mammy! You slowly turn around. She's standing there in the doorway shower her petite, yet powerful frame towards you. OH NO! You think again, as you see what is in her hand. A big kitchen spoons. She gently starts smacking it against her palm. "You know what happens when you steal from the bread box, don't you?" GULP. OH NO. You know exactly what is going to happen......
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