Such A Lovely Poem

Such A Lovely Poem

Postby LadyCrimson » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:25 pm

What a lovely poem. I do hope you all enjoy as much as I did. Not my work.

Aphrodite Is A Mean Femme Top

She who rises from the foam
Unashamed and unafraid,
The goddess who shows us her nakedness
And expects only worship,
Sappho had words with you
Screaming her desires
Echoing down the void of time.

Millions of voices cry out
From Her velvet dungeon
Where She torments us and rewards us by turns...

And yet we treat her priestesses
Like shit under our heels,
The dancers, the ladies of the street corner,
The boy-priests kneeling in the alley,
We scorn them and then have the gall to wonder
Why She obsesses us
Why Her paeans pour from our stereos
Why we crave it so bad...

When we began to fear Her,
All those thousands of years ago,
When we began to make her into a demon
She obligingly became our Sacred Dominatrix,
And took Her revenge on our helpless hearts.

And before we know it,
We're down on our knees
Lickin' Her scarlet stiletto heels
Please, Lady,
....I need it bad...

That's where She likes us,
All of us,
Down on our knees and beggin'.
We're all Her bottoms,
Even those of us who think we're so tough.

"No mortal man," said Homer,
"No one else can ever escape Aphrodite."

Remember all Her names, ye who would call on her --
Aphrodite Pandemos, whose spark started the Universe
Aphrodite Genetrix, whose gift makes babies
Aphrodite Porne, Lady of Whores
Aphrodite Urania, Yente for the Different Ones
Aphrodite Parakouptosa, hard stone figure of unrequited passion
....and Aphrodite On The Tomb,
Patroness of all those who killed
Themselves or another
For Love.

Remember Her whip, how good it feels
Remember Her long nails raking your guts
How She bends you over and screws you good
How She rips that heart chakra wide open and bleeding
And you curse Her
And you thank Her
And you beg Her for more.

Oh, Cyprian,
I am down on my knees
And You know just what I need.

And now the scientists say
That's it's just chemicals,
Love is just a soup in the brain
Triggered by the presence of the beloved
And that agony is just
How do you prove you're in love?
Simple - a sample of cerebral fluid
Smells like Love...

Which only proves
What I already knew...
Aphrodite's a pusher.
Dealer of the Good Drugs,
The drug that all other drugs merely seek
Without much success
To imitate....
A junkie said to me once,
"I'd do heroin again
Before I'd do love...
That shit's dangerous, man..."
Just a sample, She says.
You know you want it, She says.
It'll make you feel so good, She says.
Aren't you wondering what you're missing?
Dealer of the Drug
With the highest body count
In the history of the world...

And before you know it
You're down on hands and knees
Lickin' Her candy-apple stiletto heels
Please, Lady,
...I need to score...

"No one,
None of the blessed gods,
(save only Hestia, Athene, and Artemis),
no mortal man,
no one else can ever escape Aphrodite."

We shall all sing Her praises to the morning sunrise
We shall worship Her with the body of our beloved
We shall make Her offerings of our sweat and tears

That is, if we know what's good for us,
We will.
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